The mission of Czech Metrology institute is not only to perform research in metrology but above all to realize traceability for other subjects and thus guarantee unification and correctness of measurement in Czech Republic. Metrology system, which is established at nanometrology department is a demanding challenge in the field of fundamental metrology, but the main goal is to provide traceability for others and for any physical quantities measured by high resolution.

Among most simple services which we can provide to the expert public is calibration of various elalons used in microscopy techniques (SPM, SEM, optical microscopy) and morphology measurement micro- and nanostructures generally as well as calculation of various direct and/or statistical parameters and functions such as roughness magnitude.

Considering that the aim of our research focuses not only at length measurement we can offer consultation and cooperation also on measurement of other physical quantities (electrical, magnetic, temperature, optical) at high resolution and measurement of mechanical quantities in nano- and microscale.

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2024-1-04 New SPM data analysis software version Gwyddion 2.65 was released.


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