The nanometrology is a very broad discipline and our department is not able to cover it fully. Therefore, we have collaborated in last years within EMRP projects with ten other metrology institutes and several institutes outside the metrological community on special research tasks devoted to the quantitative scanning microscopy. Apart from that we estabilished a partnership with several local and foreign institutions in order to solve specific problems and research tasks:

The collaboration with Central European Institute of Technology CEITEC plays an important role in the development of the nanometrology discipline. With the help of CMI there was estabilished a research group aiming to apply the results from nanometrology into an academic institution environment performing research in the field of nanotechnology, special material, microelectronics, photonics and many others.

The Gwyddion program is being developed in collaboration with the Faculty of Science of the Masaryk University and our goal is to compare optical and tactile methods in surface roughness characterization.

In many projects we cooperate with the Institute of Scientific Instruments of the ASCR, in particular we collaborate with the groups specializing on the development of interferometrical length measurements. This cooperation resulted e.g. in the construction of a special metrology SPM.

Together with the National Physical Laboratory we focus on the problematics related to the uncertainty of positioning systems for scanning microscopes, general uncertainties of metrology SPMs and to the quantitative data analysis in different SPM methods.

We work together with PTB on the statistical surface analysis and relationship between different measurement methods for the surface shape and its roughness.

The interactions in SPM playing role in force and dimension measurements and other physical quantities are studied in collaboration with the Institute of Physics of the ASCR.

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2024-1-04 New SPM data analysis software version Gwyddion 2.65 was released.


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