Research topics

There are many directions in the field of nanometrology that we could take and a small research group certainly cannot address all of them. We try to concentrate on quantitative methods in scanning probe microscopy and related methods, focusing on integration of measurement and numerical analysis methods.

Even if most of the research is project based, we are trying to head all the particular research topics towards a complex set of methodology for SPM based nanometrology, hoping that the results could be used also by other researchers. From the main research directions we can select the following:

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2020-02-28 New FDTD solver version GSvit 1.9.4 was released.

2019-06-11 New FDTD solver version GSvit 1.9.3 was released.

2019-10-12 New FDTD solver version GSvit 1.9.2 was released.

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SiOx nanocomposite film deposited in dusty plasma


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