The nanometrology is a scientific and technical discipline paying attention to the measurement of different physical quantities on the nanoscale. Its significance grows hand in hand with the grow of nanotechnology which can be observed in many fields of science and technique during last years.

The aim of these pages is to introduce this interesting and relatively new domain as well as to introduce activities of the Department of Nanometrology of the Czech Metrology Institute which belongs between a few workplaces in the Czech Republic which are active in the research of measurement on the nano and microscale.

The Department of Nanometrology was founded in 2006 in the Regional branch Brno of the Czech Metrology Institute and tries to deal with the research as well as with the offer of services in the field of measurement of different physical quantities in very high resolution. You can find on these pages a summary of various measurement methods used in nanometrology, a description of research activities of CMI in this domain, a list of available services, links to open source software and also a list of publications created within different research projects.

Please note that the goal of these pages is not to comprehensively introduce the whole spectrum of Czech Metrology Institute activities. The nanometrology is only a very small activity compared to the whole spectrum. For more information about other interesting domains and services we recommend to visit the official web pages of CMI.

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2024-1-04 New SPM data analysis software version Gwyddion 2.65 was released.


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